14 products with design
  • Premium Case glossy

    Premium Case

    All-around print in your style
    18.95 GBP
  • Tough Case glossy

    Tough Case

    A Tough Shell with a Soft Silicon Core
    23.95 GBP
  • Hard Case black

    Hard Case

    Sturdy lightweight provides reliable protection
    14.95 GBP
  • Silicone Case white

    Silicone Case

    Flexible and shock resistant
    14.95 GBP
  • Leather Case black

    Leather Case

    Classical design meets your very own style
    18.95 GBP
  • Leather FlipCase brown

    Leather FlipCase

    Leather case with cover
    23.95 GBP
  • Wooden Case printable hardcase walnut

    Wooden Case printable

    Sturdy hardcase finished with real wood
    18.95 GBP
  • FlashMe Case black

    FlashMe Case

    The cover for perfect selfies
    23.95 GBP
  • Downflip Bag white

    Downflip Bag

    The Folding Lid
    18.95 GBP
  • Sleeve Bag black

    Sleeve Bag

    The Premium Slide-in Leather Cover
    18.95 GBP
  • Sideflip Bag white

    Sideflip Bag

    folding sideways, credit card slots
    23.95 GBP
  • DesignSkins® glossy


    Extremely thin and durable decal skins
    11.95 GBP
  • Art Print 50x60cm

    Art Print

    Great prints for your home
    18.95 GBP
  • Headphones Snow White


    Headphones designed by you
    23.95 GBP
  • More great products

    • Hard Case Metallic Look gold

      Hard Case Metallic Look

      Secure and trendy protection for your smartphone
      9.95 GBP
    • Screen Protector Glass glossy

      Screen Protector Glass

      Unique glas-protection
      14.95 GBP
    • Charger violet


      suitable for many devices
      6.95 GBP
    • Voucher 10 EUR 10 EUR

      Voucher 10 EUR

      Free choice for the presentee
      10.0 GBP
    • Voucher 20 EUR 20 EUR

      Voucher 20 EUR

      Free choice for the presentee
      17.95 GBP
    • Voucher 30 EUR 30 EUR

      Voucher 30 EUR

      Free choice for the presentee
      30.0 GBP
    • Voucher 40 EUR 40 EUR

      Voucher 40 EUR

      Free choice for the presentee
      40.0 GBP
    • Voucher 50 EUR 50 EUR

      Voucher 50 EUR

      Free choice for the presentee
      40.0 GBP
    • Voucher 100 EUR 100 EUR

      Voucher 100 EUR

      Free choice for the presentee
      85.0 GBP


Beauty and protection in one. Our Design Cases are available as solid shells (hard cases) or as soft silicone cases (also known as bumper cases). Whichever one you choose, both are unmistakably yours with your own chosen print. You have the choice; match it to an outfit, an event or the season.

from 9.95 GBP

Design Bags

Your smartphone or tablet is kept safe and sound in our bags. Beautified with your individual design on the outside, security for your device on the inside.

from 18.95 GBP


Super thin and tight-fitting like a pair of skinny jeans: our Design Foils sit on the surface of your device like a second skin and keep it looking fresh without changing its shape. Our brand DesignSkins® is now a byword for this type of foil and has been copied by many other retailers. We take this as a compliment – after all, it’s all publicity for us! ;) But remember – you won’t find original DesignSkins® anywhere else.

from 3.95 GBP

Screen Protector

Our high quality screen protectors are available in matte and glossy finishes. Theyfeature an extremely scratch-resistant surface and crystal-clear viewing. Itgoes without saying that they can be applied without bubbling and removedwithout leaving residues. As a bonus, there are three protectors in each pack! The highlight and a complete innovation: Glass screen protector! Wafer thin(0.3mm!), self-adhesive and clear as glass, literally. This special screenprotector even prevents the screen cracking if dropped.

from 5.95 GBP

Wall Art

Art Gallery-feeling for your home with your favourite designs on canvas or on fine art paper. The outstanding quality of our prints turns every image into a highlight whether you choose a classic, modern art or your favourite photo. Our specifically optimized printing technique refines each image and turns it into an eye-catcher for your wall.

from 18.95 GBP



Find matching accessories for your smartphone, tablet or laptop and match the design onto your device.

from 6.95 GBP


Printing is possible on so much more than cases and bags: Headphones look a lot better with an individual design too.

from 23.95 GBP


Throw confetti in the air and put a smile on the face of the lucky recipient. Thick 300-gram paper, lovingly printed, perfectly folded and skilfully sealed – our high-quality gift cards are almost too beautiful to cover in wrapping paper.

from 10.00 GBP

ergobag Kletties

from 7.95 GBP