DesignSkins® Video Tutorials and Media

DesignSkins® in motion pictures - our media archive provides an overview of all videos from and about DeinDesign™.

See our new tv spot, take a look behind the scenes or use our video tutorials and learn how to apply our skins step by step. Watch them all and become a DeinDesign™ insider. Enjoy!

Video Tutroials

Tutorial: Notebook (German)

Tutorial: Cell Phone (German)

Tutorial: Game Pads (German)

Tutorial: Furniture (German)

Tutorial: Printers

DeinDesign™ in the Media (German)

Print & Media Awards 2010 (German)

DeinDesign™ has been awarded with the Print & Media Award 2010 as "best eBusiness model of the year".

Backstage: DesignSkins® by DeinDesign™ (German)

Take a look behind the scenes of DeinDesign™ and meet the people behind DesignSkins®.

DesignSkins® TV Spot 2012 (German)

DesignSkins® TV Spot 2010 (German)

Our current DesignSkins® TV spot airs on Pro7, RTL2, Viva, MTV, DMAX... and right here!

DesignSkins® TV Spot 2010 feat. Max Herre (German)

Our DesignSkins® TV spot featuring the Max Herre single "Scherben".
Promotion period: January to March 2010

DesignSkins® TV Spot 2009 (German)

Our first DesignSkins® TV spot had it's premiere in 2009 and aired successfully for one year.

DeinDesign™ in the media

RTL2 News about DeinDesign™ (German)

DesignSkins® have been featured by RTL2 News on 10.03.2008.

WDR Lokalzeit about DeinDesign™ @ imm 2008 (German)

During the International furniture exhibition WDR Lokalzeit reported about DeinDesign™ and DesignSkins®