Sleeve Bag
The Premium Slide-in Leather Cover

Practical, compact, all around protection made from fine leather: The mobile phone sock 2.0.

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Sleeve Bag

Your bag’s full of keys, headphones, loose change—and your phone’s in there somewhere too. Treat your smartphone to stylish all around protection with a leather look and make it easier to find in your bag.  The sleeve pocket is perfect for people who think their phone looks best in its original design: You can quickly and easily remove your phone from the cover and safely return it between two layers of soft artificial leather in premium brown. The sleeve pocket, slim and practical, reliably protects the exterior as well as your smartphone’s display. For a personalized look, we’ll print your favorite pattern on one side while the other remains in rich black with premium YourDesign embossing. Both a timeless classic and your own personal design piece.

The sleeve pocket gives your phone a trendy design you’ll be proud and happy to show off. Then just put it into the cover where it’ll be safe and ready for the knocks of daily life.

  • Simple and safe removal and storage of your mobile phone
  • Slim design, soft material
  • High-quality artificial leather: black exterior, brown interior
  • Printed front side, back side with YourDesign embossing
  • High-quality and scratch-resistant color printing