Leather Case
Classical design meets your very own style

The case with an individual look and ageless charm.

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Leather Case

Where to find the next café, what is the weather forecast like, who sent the latest message? Every day you have countless occasions to take up your phone. No matter how often though, your synthetic leather case will convince you again every single time. Because of its smooth grip, how it shows your style and protects your phone perfectly. Ageless in design, individual, premium-quality and, to top it off, practical – you will have all this combined in one. Our classy synthetic leather comes in three trendy colors, has a super smooth surface and soft fleece on the inside. Printed according to your taste and style, the case becomes a statement – be it in the office, at school or while you are out with friends. Just choose a design you like. The classy appearance will make your case become an eye-catcher and reliable companion. No matter what you are up to.

  • Upper material is regenerated leather; just like with genuine leather, the structure of the material is irregular and can differ from the article shown here.
  • Inner material is soft fleece.
  • Every case can be personalized.
  • Openings for the camera and all controls.
  • All seams are made of quality thread and match the color of the upper material.