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Screen Protector Glass glossy
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Screen Protector glossy
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Sony Xperia Z3 - Silicone Case

In a hurry once again, too many things in your head and in your hand. Stressed out because you want to cram yourself into the next bus or still have to make it to the nearest supermarket before it closes With so much hustle and bustle, it happens quickly—your smartphone falls or slips out of your pocket. Our flexible silicone case safely absorbs shocks and saves you in that little moment of horror when the fall can't be avoided.

The case, made of high quality silicone, fits and grips well in your hand and is very slip-resistant on surfaces. The pliable, shatter-proof material surrounds the edges and the outer display. Thus, your smartphone is safely cushioned – for worst case scenarios. Perfectly adapted to your cell phone, the case fits like a thin, durable second skin. In your favourite colour and with a motif of your choice, the case becomes individually printed all-round protection. The print motif is just as flexible as the case and follows every movement. The silicone case is your reliable and stylish companion for all of the day's challenges, big and small: Easy to fit, it's robust, flexible, durable, and even stain-resistant.

  • Indestructible case: flexible, pliable, robust
  • Maximum protection, also covers edges and outer display
  • Shock-absorbing, pliant, unbreakable
  • Sleek design, long-lasting print
  • High quality silicone, anti-skid and non-slip in your hand and on surfaces

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