Extremely thin and durable decal skins

The versatile decal skin for all your gadgets: customized, precision-fit, high-quality.

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So, you want to give your favorite gadgets a look that has never been seen before? Why not create your own! Get the designer in you going with our DesignSkins®. With our premium decal skins, you can create your own stylish design for over 3,000 different devices – from smartphones, tablets, notebooks, MP3 players, game consoles, to even things like Technics turntables or coffee machines. Not to mention the skin also protects your gadget from scratches and signs of use.

Our DesignSkins® are made to fit exactly on your gadget – right down to the last millimeter. Unlike a case or a pouch, the razor-thin decal skin doesn’t change the contour and shape of your device. The high-quality and flexible material can be applied to your gadget with ease and precision thanks to its anti-static adhesive side. The unique structure of the adhesive surface allows air bubbles to magically escape, so you can be rest assured that the result is always bubble-free – even if you’re all thumbs. And when you want a new design, we guarantee that removing the existing skin won’t leave any residue on your device. If anything, you will be surprised by how well-protected your device is. Of course, the skins can be used alongside a case or pouch!

Give everything you love a design upgrade today to benefit from our 10 years of experience in creating premium decal skins. The extra layer of protection for your device is not just stylish, but also easy to apply and indestructible.

  • Customizable, premium vinyl skins
  • Extremely thin and flexible material
  • Made for a precise fit
  • Easy bubble-free application, residue-free removal
  • Base color: white